PTFE Sealing Cord


revolutionary, patented thread sealing cord made of 100% PTFE, for sealing metal and plastic threads

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On tightening the threads, the cord forms a PTFE film of exactly the required strength. Totally chemically resistant to aggressive chemicals, solvents and acids. Product Advantages: Unlimited shelf life. Resistant to fungal, mould and bacterial attacks; enzymatic and microbiological attacks. Absolutely inert, permanently soft and flexible. Temperature range from -200° C to +240° C. Non-combustible - will not burn. Application Advantages: Time saving and cost effective. Ready for immediate use after application. Use directly from the handy box with unique cutter. Is wrapped indiscriminately. Can replace all other sealing materials. Application: Starting at the tube end wrap the cord randomly around the thread. Add 2 or 3 drops of the lubricant agent on top of the cord. The lubricant agent is biodegradable and harmless. Ensure that enough cord is used, particularly at the top of the pipe thread. Note the following guidelines from the manufacturer: 1/2" 12 (fine thread) up to 18 (coarse thread) windings, 1 1/2" 16 (fine thread) up to 24 (coarse thread) windings. For other dimensions please amend as necessary.

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