Pipe Thread Sealant


locks, seals and protects screw threads, in a pump dispenser for easy and precise use

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The pipe thread sealant, seals and protects the thread against leakage of liquid or gas (such as air, water, carbon hydride, oil, LNG and other chemical). It replaces conventional attachment methods such as split pins, locking washers etc. Characteristics: Parts can be adjusted immediately after assembly. Provides a high quality seal. Provides additional protection from corrosion. DVGW approved. Application advice: For applications below 5° C the items should be pre-treated with sf-Activator. Use sf-Cleaner to ensure that all items are clean, dry and dust free before assembly. Application Fields: Pipe thread sealant can be used in ship building, pump production, sewage treatment, automotive, electrical, nuclear and food industries, mining, gas, power stations and many other industrial applications. Technical data: high viscosity - medium-tight. Max. Thread M80 (3’’). Max. Gap Filling: 0,5 mm. Curing time - handling: 10 to 30 minutes. Curing time - functional: 1-3 hours. Temperature range: -55° C up to +150° C. Pump Dispenser: Simple to dose. No dripping or leaking. No residues. Exact dosing.

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