High Performance Sealing Tape


with DVGW approval, Packing white/yellow, very high-density PTFE Tape

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May be used with virtually all threaded connections, tubes and fittings. Remains operational at temperatures exceeding the limit of virtually all other thermoplastic compounds. Characteristics: Quality standard: DVGW-approved, Color: white, Thickness: 0,1 mm +/- 7%, Width x length: 12 mm x 12 m, Area based size: 60 g/m² +/- 10 g Approvals/ Tests/ Equivalents: DIN 30660 (1.12.1999), DIN EN 751-3 (1.08.1997), BAM-Approval, DVGW. Installation: 50% overlapping, Tests: GasTec QA, BS 7786:1995 grade "M". Fields of application: Sealing of tubes in contact with water, fuel, petroleum, oil, propane, butane, kerosene, gas and oxygen. Can be opened and closed again.

Størelse: 12 x 12 m x 0,1
Lengde: 12 x 12 m x 0,1
Vekt: 15 g

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