Focus in details

From the drafting stage we place great emphasis on accuracy and precision, which continues through the the production and function of our products. It’s the nuances that characterise Schwer products and make the difference.

Our product managers and development engineers are constantly optimising and upgrading our fittings, in order to provide products created specifically to match your requirements. Deriving from this experience and continual improvement process are mature and proven items, offering added value. Here are two of many examples. Focus in detail at:

Check valves

Lasered test number

Small Number, plenty of information


Generally, all parts, that make contact with the media, are lasered with a test number. This number conceals a wealth of information. After many years, it’s still possible to match the mechanical tests to the original material and offer a 3.1 certificate.

This provides a customer advantage, as when a fitting is installed in a system that later needs to be inspected (TUV etc), if the number is provided to Schwer Fittings, then a 3.1 certificate can be provided.

Focus in details

Twin Ferrule Fittings

High Surface Hardness

to HV 1.000

Rolled smooth inner cone

Compacted surface Ra 0.4 max

Threads rolled / chased


through test and batch number

Silver plated inner thread

on the nut allows for easier removal and prevents cold welding 

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