ZeroCon: the latest generation of fittings

Schwer Fittings offers a real highlight with its own patented stainless steel fitting: The new generation of "tightness" due to material uniformity of seal and flange connection. With its many advantages, the ZeroCon fitting opens many cross-industry applications. All components are manufactured in our own Schwer Fittings plants on special machines.


EP 2 212 593 – European patent

Both thread connection and flange versions are available.


  • The fitting consists of a threaded connection, an insert, and a metallic sealing ring. It can be easily sterilized with superheated steam and is much more resistant to aggressive media than soft seals. It is temperature stable from -196° C to +300° C and insensitive to environmental influences (e.g. salt water, etc.).
  • For ultra-high-purity applications, all connectors, sealing rings and nuts are available electropolished and rinsed with ultrapure water if required, to meet the conditions of use in a clean room and with ultrapure media.
  • The ZeroCon fitting meets the highest purity standards and is made completely of stainless steel material 1.4435, with an internal surface roughness of Ra ≤ 0.4 μm. Nuts 3/4” and larger have a silver plated internal thread.
  • The surface treatment reduces friction in the tightening process and  enables an accurate installation. The weld connections are prepared for orbital welding.
  • It offers no possibility of deposits or formation of cultures or a bacterial film, is 100% sterilizable and absolutely tight due to material uniformity.
  • The result of the bacterial test with an independent institute shows that ZeroCon® prevents the accumulation of any bacteria and the smallest organisms inside the pipe that comes into contact with the media. A perfect pharmaceutical barrier and therefore no germ accumulation due to the aseptic design
  • The helium leak test proves absolute tightness. With the current state of measurement technology, a leak rate of ≤ 10 to the power of -12 (mbar * l) / s is determined. Can also be used in hazardous areas.
  • The robust yet fine connection is suitable for applications under high pressure, critical vacuum or ultra-high vacuum and extreme temperature conditions. It is free of turbulence and does not interfere with the flow or contaminate the process medium with material outgassing. A simple and fast leak test is possible after installation.
  • The anti-twist protection by interlocking crown tips,  prevents the action of external forces and torque. No possible loosening of the connection by torsional forces.
  • It is self-centering with installed end stop and integrated leak-test port.
  • Piggable due to a continuous bore.
  • The fitting is very easy to handle: quick, easy installation and disassembly without the risk of damage due to excessive tightening torques.
  • No maintenance work is necessary. Fittings are easily changed to alternative dimensions.
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