Ball valves, Valves

Ball valves, Valves

Ball valves have proven their worth in many applications as very reliable and compact shut-off valves. Various types such as 2-way, 3-and 4-way ball valves in conjunction with various spherical bore sizes can be combined depending on the application and use. Ball valves provide fast and precise switching due to their simple structure.

Ball valves with actuator offer a clean and cost effective solution especially for automation (electric or pneumatic) by direct mounting on DIN / ISO 5211- flange.

The ball valves of Schwer fittings are available with various connectivity options like female thread according to DIN / ISO 228 or with bilateral Welding end DIN 3239, as well as 2 -or- 3-piece housing.

Return valves are offered with various unions and a variety of valve springs for different opening pressures.

The needle valves are equipped due to their simple and complex construction with rotatable metal valve cone, and are suitable both as a quantity control valve as well as for shut off purposes.