Assembly Training

Proper assembly of fitting components is very important for a leak-free connection. That is why Schwer Fittings offers assembly training courses for users on site or at our premises:

The interlocking systems only work 100% when installed correctly, so the manufacturer's specifications must be observed. Incorrect installation will inevitably lead to leaks. Another very important factor is the correct preparation of the pipe. Be it when cutting pipes to length, deburring, removing dirt particles, checking and many other small steps that can be decisive for the tightness afterwards.

Compression Fittings - Twin Ferrule Fittings

Stainless Steel Pipe Connection Technology and Fittings
Cone Sealing Couplings
  • Assembly of compression fittings (cuttings ring connections)
  • Assembly of twin ferrule fittings
  • Screw connection variants and their suitable areas of application
  • ... with the training experts from Schwer Fittings

Tel.: +44 (0)19 25 63 90-06


  • Cutting ring or twin ferrule fittings
  • Training based on images and cutaway models
  • Preparing for assembly: Tools and utensils required
  • Selection, cutting to length and preparation and the pipes
  • Carrying out the professional installation
  • Disassembly and reassembly
  • Causes of errors - avoidance of errors
  • Difference cutting ring - clamping wedge ring
  • Thread and seal types
  • Targeted response to the customer application


  • Target group: e.g. assembly, maintenance, technology, service, purchasing, construction
  • Theoretical and practical part
  • Duration: approx. 4 hours
  • On site or at Schwer Fittings in Denkingen
  • Completion: Certificate of Participation

You can also get more information at:
+44 (0)19 25 63 90-06


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