Small flange connections DIN 28403

The KF-Fittings from Schwer are manufactured in accordance with DIN 28403 and ISO 2861 and are therefore interchangeable with the products of other ­suppliers. They are available in nominal sizes ranging from DN 10 up to DN 50. As the flanges are connected with locking clamp rings they can be easily ­disconnected and reassembled.

Small flange connections DIN 28403

The seal between the flanges is made by an O-ring. For ease of assembly, this self-centring ring helps with the exact positioning and precise compression of the O-ring ensuring accurate connection, when hand tightening the locking rings.

Small Flange Pipe Connections are used in vacuum and high-vacuum ­applications for 10-7 mbar with the use of soft seals and 10-9 mbar for metal seals. They can also be used with an overpressure of 2,5 bar without any problems.

The typical scope of application for Small Flange Pipe Connections is mainly in semiconductor, coating, chemical, aerospace engineering, medical and food ­industries as well as in research and development.

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