u2-Lok Twin ferrule fittings


u2-Lok Twin ferrule fittings

Functionally matched tolerances and consistent surface finish with clamping wedge ring fittings ensure leak-free pipe connections in both the high pressure and in vacuum. Vibration and pressure surges are largely absorbed by the design of the clamping wedge ring structure without any leakage are to be feared.

Additional features like easy installation, great variety in metric and imperial range, quality surface roughness due to modern manufacturing technology secure the clamping wedge ring -fitting to a wide range of applications throughout the industry, as well as in the laboratory and in metrology.
Using high grade stainless steels a long "life" in an aggressive environment is ensured.
Other material grades 1.4571, Hastelloy, Titanium and other highly material qualities are available.

Even under heavy vibration the couplings ensure adequate security at high pressures or vacuum. This is achieved by 4-efficient construction details:

1. The clamping ring with its spring-like formation dampens vibrations from the pipe network. Furthermore, it prevents transmission of the tightening torque of the nut on the wedge ring.

2. The wedge ring seals the pressing surfaces between fitting and pipe. Due to the taper in the hole of the tapered ring it’s pressed onto the pipe, so that a constriction arises, whereby the tube is clamped pressure tight.

3. A special surface treatment of the fine thread of the union nut is used to prevent seizure. This allows the multiple use of the same tube easily.

4. A longer tube guide ensures an accurate tight fit, manufacturing tolerances ensure reliable centering of the pipe.