Press Unit Battery-Press: 1x Battery-Press ACC Basic-Pack


1x Cordless Press Unit, 1x Battery 14.4V, 1x Quick Charger 230 V, 1x Solid Steel Case

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Battery powered radial press with automatic circuit control for producing pipe pressed joints Ø 10-76 (108 ) mm, pressing tongs come with automatic locking mechanism, electro-hydraulic drive system , eccentric reciprocating pump with robust planetary gear, powerful battery motor, safety hold-to-run control switch. System Benefits: Only one type of press unit to press all Schwer connectors as well as numerous other manufacturers as long as the press fitting system conforms to the same standard and produces secure pressing. All pressing tongs marked with * fit into the Ecopress device. Therefore low stock cost. Construction: Battery or mains powered. Compact, handy, light. Pressing unit with battery only 4.3 kg. Optimum weight distribution for single-hand operation. Ergonomic housing with recessed grip. Secure seat for pressing tongs with automatic locking. Pressing tongs can be rotated to reach hard to reach places. Signal tone after correct pressing. Power supplies for battery or mains operation. Battery 14.4 V, 3.2 Ah for about 300 pressings. Quick charger for short charging times (1 h). No memory effect for maximum battery performance. Power supply 230 V for mains operation instead of battery use available as an accessory.

Connection 1: D 15-54
Weight: 8,53 kg

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