The wide product portfolio allows for use in many applications and industries

With an extensive and growing product range, and many possible applications, Schwer supplies many different industries. Clients include multi-national corporations as well as small and medium sized businesses worldwide. There was a conscious decision to manufacture in stainless steel, due to its longlife and hygienic qualities.

Through personal contacts and customer recommendations, we can look back on many long standing partnerships and build on a solid base for the future. Experience with Kanban solutions, ensures a smooth process in the use and delivery of our products. The stainless steel fittings and components are intended primarily for hydraulic gas and fluid applications, and are used, amongst others, in the following:

Hydraulics / Pneumatics

  • Automotive
  • Fluid Technology
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machinery
  • Industrial Plant Construction
  • Paint lines
  • Paper mills
  • Ship Building and Offshore Industries
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Wind Farms


  • Chemical, Biotechnical and
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratories
  • Process Engineering, Food Industry
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Reactors
  • Solar Power
  • Vacuum Technology
  • Packaging Technology
  • Hydrogen


  • Vacuum technology

  • Compressed Air Technology
  • Sanitary Industry

Future with hydrogen and new energies


In the future, hydrogen will play a major role in the conversion of our energy supply. As a storage medium for ecological electricity and for mobility with fuel cell drives. When hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen using regeneratively generated electricity. In a chemical process, the hydrogen reacts with oxygen. The energy stored in the hydrogen is released as electricity, which then drives an electric motor. → More Info

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